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Black Industries’ Marienburg page has been updated not so long ago. They addded, and I quote: “a look at the criminal underworld of Marienburg, an the men whose unenviable task is to try and fight it. The League of Gentlemen Entrepreneurs is the organised gang that manages a wide variety of criminal activity in the city. The Suiddock Ward Barracks and Watch Post and Jail are also examined, as well as the Knights of Purity, who sometimes take justice into their own hands“. Have a look at this if you haven’t yet!

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The 4th May 2007, Black Industries announced that they would put online some revamped content on the great port of Marienburg. The original content was first published in the White Dwarf magazines, in a series of articles. A couple of days ago, they have been updating the Marienburg page. You can find a large version of the following map on their website.

Marienburg map

The new addition this week is, and I quote, “The Riverman’s Association, The Brotherhood of Seamen and Pilots, The Board of Trade Equity and the Wasteland Import Export Exchange”. If you haven’t seen the Marienburg project, you should definitely have a look. This location is a great place to create your own adventures if you like city intrigues, seamen, beer and whisky atmosphere.

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