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I really like the new design of the 2nd edition of WFRP. Compared with the 1st edition, all books have a similar format and size, regular titles and subtitles. The art works both within the pages and on the covers are stunning. The content is great but you also feel like having the whole “collection” in your bookshelves.

One of the great artists of WFRP is Ralph Horsley. He just starting posting in BI’s forum and gave 4 great links to his personal website where you can contemplate the full versions (larger image, no title or writing) of the following covers:

Realms of Sorcery
Tome of Salvation
Tome of Corruption
Thousand Thrones

I really like the left hand (hidden) side of most of them, since you can see some nice and expressive characters. For the occasion, I decided to change the top header of my blog. I might alternate once in a while. Great job Ralph!


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