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The cover of The Thousand Thrones is now official and can be seen in Black Industries’ forthcoming products section. Rumors in BI forum talk of the men on the cover as being Sigmarian Flagellants. Part of this huge campaign would take place in Kislev and the other part in Marienburg. Make sense to me. This campaign will surely use content from the Realm of the Ice Queen and the Tome of Salvation.


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Black Industries just released their 6th preview of the Tome of Salvation, a few hours after I posted my “complete” preview of this forthcoming book. I will update the previous post this weekend, but I just wanted to say a few words about it now.

The sixth preview contains 3 pages of the Chapter 3 called “Folk Worship”. It covers more especially the “sacred signs and gestures” of the major cults of the Empire, some religious sayings and the beginning of the section on priest’s physical appearance.

You will learn in this preview that tattoos, scarification and even branding are shown or hidden by many priests, that “May Ranald favour you” is in fact a curse of Ranald’s follower and that two extended fingers, the sign of the devouts of Sigmar, mean two opposite things depending on where the palm is facing.

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All warhammer fans are expecting the Tome of Salvation (Tos) and have it on their wish list. Everybody also know that it will be, in some way, the equivalent of the Realm of Sorcery, but for priests of the Old World. You might have check the six previews available so far on Black Industries’ website, maybe not. In any case, it is always nice to imagine and to think what we will find within those pages before the actual book comes out, so i decided to write an overview of what will be included in the 10 chapters. Chapters marked with an asterisk (*) have previews.

Chapter 1: A Brief History of the Cults of the Empire
As most of WFRP books, this one will start with a historical chapter on religion in the Empire and will include some adventure seeds for game masters.

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I was supposed to write my next post about the Tome of Salvation, the next WFRP book to be released, but, as I was reading the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay forum, I stumbled upon a topic that made me change my mind. They were talking about a big forthcoming adventure called The Thousand Thrones.

So what do we know for sure? Well, that it will be an adventure of 256 pages (monochrome), the biggest ever released by Black Industries. In fact, it is a bit like putting the three parts of the Paths of the Damned campaign together when you think about it. Apart from that, no description, no images… on the official website!

The following picture is totally unofficial and comes from another website, but the art really fits what we have seen so far of WFRP books.

The Thousand Thrones

On this unofficial cover we can read the following subtitle: “An Epic campaign of lurking horror and intrigue”. That sounds exciting to me.

In the past, Black Industries has been releasing sourcebooks of a specific region of the Old World followed by an adventure set in the same region. They have done it when Lure of the Lich Lord came after Renegade Crowns or when Barony of the Damned came after Knights of the Grail. Since the sourbook on Kislev will be released just before, I have the feeling that some part of this big campaign will be set in this cold area.

Have any idea what we could expect? Please post a comment!

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As you have probably noticed, I took my blog’s header from the fantastic cover of the Tome of Salvation. The artwork is great and you can see even more of it by downloading the wallpaper from the Black Industries’ website. This sourcebook will be the equivalent of the Realms of Sorcery, but for all the priests of the Old World. In my next post, you will find a complete descriptive overview of this sourcebook.

Priests in the Old World

Tome of Salvation

To be released…

September 2007 / Full Color / 256 pages / ISBN 978-1-84416-314-4.

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