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The Game Master’s Pack is already sold out and has been replaced by the Game Master Toolkit, but I still feel like doing a review of it for a couple of reasons: in case you might get your hands on one of the last copies, in case you want to know if you missed something and just because I eventually want to review all WFRP products.

Game Master’s Pack

The Game Master’s Pack is composed of two things: the GM screen and a 32 pages black and white booklet. The screen is made of 4 panels. The tables inside are useful (Weapons, Armours, Skills, Chaos Manifestations, Wrath of the Gods, etc.). The hit location table and critical effects tables are there, but the main critical table is missing.

The booklet himself is divided in two parts. The first one, following a short summary (p. 1) of the booklet is an adventure for PCs in their first career. “Pretty Things” (pp. 2-14), set in the Empire, can be run before the Paths of the Damned campaign. Four pre-generated characters (pp. 15-16) can be used for a quick start.

The second part of the booklet includes many things, some more useful than the other. You can find descriptions and maps of a typical coaching inn (pp. 17-18), toll house (p. 19), river lock and lock-keeper’s house (p. 20), way temple and wayside shrine (p. 21), a typical Reikland’s village (pp. 22-23) and a typical farmstead (p. 24). Good to photocopy are the NPC record sheet (p. 25) and the Combat Tracker (p. 26), but I personally prefer to scribble on a blank sheet of paper. The Dark Lores of Magic page (p. 27) is not something you will use often unless you plan on putting a lot of dark cultists in your games. The Equipment Emporium (pp. 28-31) is useful when your players are in a buying frenzy; you just keep your rulebook and pass the booklet around. The last page is just an overview of the booklet.

Overall, I would give the Game Master’s Pack 3 warhammers out of 5. I do prefer the Game Master’s Toolkit which I will review in a near future. You can find 2 previews of the Game Master’s Pack on Black Industries’ website.


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