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WFRP2 is still growing

Just wanted to say a little hi to all my readers. I started this blog July 25th and it has now been visited more than 1000 times. I failed to update it frequently in the past weeks but I have been experiencing some problems with Worpress which stopped me from publishing posts. I have also been working overtime. Anyway, the blog has now 4 pages: the main page with posts, the traditional About page, the complete list of all WFRP published books and the Middenheim project which is just starting. As usual, feel free to post a comment!

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I must admit I am quite inspired by the Marienburg pages of Black Industries’ website. The fact that it is in constant development makes it even more interesting. A few days ago, they added even more characters. Since I will soon run  the first part of the Paths of the Damned campaign to new players, I decided I could make the city of Middenheim more complete. Don’t get me wrong. There’s a good deal of background and information in the first part of Ashes of Middenheim on the city of Ulric, but a GM can always use more. For example, some locations name the owner, but there are no NPC profile, personality and background. I also want to add some adventure seeds for people who want to add small quests to the main plot or simply run them outside of the big campaign.

You will find the Middenheim project in a new page I just created. I will post new information on some existing locations or create new ones and will add the proper link in the Middenheim page for easy access. As always, feel free to leave comments!

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WFRP2 is growing

Slowly and slowly this little blog is growing. It has been visited for the 100th times no so long ago! Ok, really not spectacular, but it’s a symbolic number. To celebrate, I added a counter widget which is situated at the bottom of the right column. My next milestone is 1000 visits.

Today, I have also completed listing all the WFRP products released by Black Industries. You can find them in the WFRP books page which is divided in 3 sub pages: one for 2005, one for 2006 and one for the current year.

What else? The last few posts were previews of forthcoming products, the Tome of Salvation and The Thousand Thrones. In the next post, I intend to review the Renegade Crowns sourcebook of the Border Princes, a book that is considered by some as a great and innovative book, by others as an empty shell for dice rollers. Keep reading this blog to find out my opinion!

Anything you would like me to talk about? Any suggestions? Please post a comment!

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A Word of Welcome

In 1986, the 1st edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay was released by Games Workshop, a product that went alongside Warhammer Fantasy Battle, the miniature wargame, Warhammer 40k, the futuristic and decadent wargame, and other products. I still remember playing the scenario included in the rulebook when I was about 12 years old. No, I was not an invincible hero full of hit points anymore, but a simple Outlaw confronted to a bunch of cultists of Nurgle in an underground complex of smugglers. Well, I got struck in the leg and, thanks to the wonderful critical table of Warhammer, soon started painting the walls with red. This was indeed a dirty and grim fantasy world, the way I like it.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - 1st edition

Almost twenty years later, in March 2005, the 2nd edition was released by Black Industries, a very nice surprise for old fan and a very interesting product for gamers new to this system. The first edition had indeed failed to supply enough new material to players over the years.

I also remember that one of my best friend told me about the new edition when I was traveling and backpacking. I could only go check on the Internet and wait to get back home.

WFRP Core Rulebook

It has been two years now and they keep releasing fantastic products at a regular pace, keeping all Warhammer fans happy: adventures, source book on creatures, regions, sorcery and more. The official website is also updated frequently and full of small adventures submitted by fans. I just love their books and the new rules of the 2nd edition.

Anyway, I decided a few days ago to start a blog about this roleplaying game. What can you expect to find? Reviews of the published books, sneak previews of the forthcoming products, articles on the world of Warhammer, maybe interviews and some fantasy writing of my own set in this universe. Welcome!

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